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Take your career to the next level as Operational Excellence Leader improving indicators and productivity in organizations.

OPEXLEADER is an accredited institute by the The Council for Six Sigma Certification CSSC which serves as an Official Industry Standard of Six Sigma Accreditation

We have more than 20 years of experience transforming organizations through continuous improvement

Continuous improvement can be implemented in products, processes and services, some benefits are:

- Business growth

- Increased productivity

- New value chains

- Eliminate Waste

- Motivation of the work team

Lean focuses more on the speed of processes; while Six Sigma focuses on increasing quality.

Six Sigma has its origins in the Six Sigma model developed by Motorola in the late 1980s. What was its purpose? The need to match or exceed its Japanese competitors. Bill Smith, the engineer responsible for its creation, developed this methodology as a quality improvement and business strategy and later improved and popularized it by General Electric.

Although the concept was born within the industrial sector, today many of its instruments are applied to the service sector. Thus, it is used throughout the world by companies seeking a philosophy of action to occupy leadership levels in their sector. Lean and Six Sigma share goals. Both propose to improve the management and processes of a company.

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Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt | Agile & Design Thinking Coach & Profesional en Transformación Digital e Industria 4.0 
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